Frequently Asked Questions

Do the prices differ between shop spots and stands?

No, whether you choose a shop spot or use your own stand does not affect the price. 

What are the minimum and maximum rental periods?

For retail actions, if you choose to use our shop spot the minimum renting period is one week (7 days). If you use your own stand there is no minimum renting period, though it is always subject to availability of the space sought. The maximum renting period is usually 1 year.

Do you have pre-defined spaces to rent or can I choose the location/space that I want?

We have a pre-defined roadmap with specific locations/spaces which are available for rent in each Shopping Centre.

What does the rental price include?

The price includes the space, the shop spot (if you want to use it) and electricity.

What information shoud I provide to you in order to get a comercial proposal?

Ideally, you should indicate which Shopping Centre(s) you are interested in, the dates and duration of your stay, the name of your company or brand, your business area and what are you looking for in our Shopping Centres (explain the type of activity you would like to perform in our spaces).

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